Class 1 January 2017

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

At small group and circle times, class one sing this song. This promotes the forming of relationships, confidence building, whilst also introducing number language and allowing children to be creative. Singing is a brilliant way to develop language and understanding whilst having fun.

Imaginative play

The children are continuing to imagine it is their birthday and the dough is their cake. They are using number language by counting the candles and they are extending their own ideas with support and open ended questions by the adult. The adult is also playing a supportive role when children begin to dispute who the dough belongs to, however the adult gives the children the opportunity to resolve it themselves.

Manipulating dough

The children are playing with dough in the home corner. They are using their hands to manipulate it into shapes and this promotes fine motor skills which all supports early writing. This group of children are using their first hand experiences in their play by imagining they are making a birthday cake. This is a good demonstration of imaginative play and the children are making candles and miming blowing them out. Children are playing alongside each other which shows that they are content in their play.

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